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But did your newspaper pals call gays a 'particularly evil lie of Satan,' Gary?

by Jeremy Hooper

This testimony from Focus on the Family's head communications guy, Gary Schneeberger:

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 At 12.22.53 Pm

And now this claim from Focus on the Family's director for Family Formation Studies, Glenn Stanton, as it is prominently running on the marriage section of FoTF's primary website right now, as we speak:

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 At 12.24.25 Pm
Marriage & Relationships [FoTF]

So lest you were confused, gays: This Focus on the Family staffer is calling you, your life, your orientation, and your love a "particularly evil lie of Satan" in that nice, sweet, non-"hateful" way that one does. Remember that the next time Focus on the Family tells anyone who will listen that you need to be "changed," fights against your civil rights at the ballot box, deprives you of measures meant to increase your safety, or presents the mere acceptance of your natural, truth existence as some sort of threat to children.


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