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In which Jennifer Roback Morse un-friends majority of NY lawmakers, population

by Jeremy Hooper
Screen Shot 2011-08-26 At 9.41.39 Am"[I]t is pure foolishness to assert that because “our friends” in NY redefined marriage, no one else has any right to say anything against it. It is highly dubious that those responsible for redefining marriage are “friends” to anyone else in the country, or in the Republican Party, or to the people of New York."

- National Organization for Marriage affiliate Jennifer Roback Morse, president of NOM's Ruth Institute

Whatever. Neither Ms. Roback Morse nor anyone on NOM's payroll has to BFF any "marriage redefiner." But they do have to respect that gay couples in New York and nationwide are being treated as more than just friends in the eyes of the law!

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