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'It makes me want to throw up, the idea of two grooms -- well that's the way a lot of people feel'

by Jeremy Hooper

The American Family Association's Tim Wildmon, Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, and Liberty Counsel's Harry Mihet are very engaged figures on the conservative side of this modern marriage conversation. And at around the 4:06 mark of this clip, their juvenile comments, laughter, and affirmation yet again prove that this "protect marriage" fight goes well beyond constitutional concerns or civil law considerations, instead finding its most basic root in detestation for homosexuality itself:

Do a lot of people really want to vomit when they think of loving same-sex couples tying the knot? Maybe, maybe not. It'd strike me as weird to learn that's a sweeping truism, but I'm not going to waste energy debating it.

What I am going to say is that vomit doesn't provide stable ground for civil discrimination! Equality activists aren't asking for an untriggered gag reflex -- we are demanding our deserved rights. Those rights are no more dependent on Tim, Harry, Tony, or Jerry's regurgitation than our childhood right to public school peace was dependent on a locker room schmuck's aggressive taunts.

So go ahead, one and all: Upchuck whenever Chuck takes Ralph up an aisle. But never -- and I mean never -- confuse your personal (and oddly sensitive) mouth rejections with public policy righteousness! That goes for the common Jane and Joe. It goes ever more so for three men who build paychecks off of this kind of bias.

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