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Labor gains: AFL-CIO vs MN-BIAS

by Jeremy Hooper

Afl-Cio LogoSome encouraging, if not completely unexpected news from the world of labor. Minnesota Independent reports:

The Minnesota AFL-CIO, the state’s labor federation, voted on Monday to oppose a ballot measure that would add a ban on same-sex marriage to the Minnesota Constitution.
In addition to the AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 5 and the SEIU have also announced opposition to the amendment.
AFL-CIO votes unanimously to oppose anti-gay marriage amendment [MN Independent]

A labor/union connection that makes sense. Unlike the perennially "protect kid"-centric strategy of our opponents, who connect going-into-labor to marital unions, as if (a) such is a requirement and (b) gays are threatening to any of it anyhow.

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