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NOM's 'Let the People Vote' effort has hauled in 4.5 million. At least that's what Brian Brown's spinoff site says

by Jeremy Hooper

Has the National Organization For Marriages "Let The People Vote" campaign earned nearly 5 million bucks in only a month or so of existence? Yes, if you are to believe this ludicrous figure running on Brian Brown's partisan political spinoff site, ActRight.com:

[SOURCE: Brian Brown's ActRight.com site]

Now clearly this is a B.S. number. But why? Why are the people behind the NOM president's very own site leading visitors to believe that this campaign has pulled in such a ridiculous sum? Is it for the for the psychology of it? Is it for appearance? Is it for legitimacy? is it wishful thinking? What is it?

And in fact, is it even legal for Act Right -- registered as a 527 organization (ActRight Fund), a 501c4 non-profit corporation (ActRight Action), and a 501c3 non-profit (ActRight Action Education Trust) combined into one website -- to falsely report a number (presuming the number is in fact false? Because it doesn't seem like it should be.

Regardless of the reason or legal obligations, it is very certain that this, like so many things having to do with NOM and finance, smells incredibly fishy. Which to me is a sign that I need to keep sniffing.


**More on this ActRight.com site to come in a longer "NOM Exposed" piece.

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