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Reality of world population: unfit for K-12?

by Jeremy Hooper

In knocking the ABC Family network for being too LGBT-inclusive, the Culture and Media Institute's Matt Philbin says:

There’s a good chance that most kids would never be exposed to these things until well into college,” he said, “if it hadn’t been for this kind of programming.”
SOURCE: Focus on the Family Citizenlink

And Philbin says this like it's a good thing, which is of course the problem. As if shelter is more advantageous than light. As if waiting until college will stave off the "ill" effects of childhood exposure. As if it takes a high school diploma to fully understand that the spectrum of scientifically-recognized sexual orientation only runs from heterosexuality to heterosexual-but-still-watch-"Ellen".

But the truth is that kids of 2011 and beyond will avoid LGBT people only if their caretakers think that such people are somehow lesser, dangerous, agenda-driven, threatening, hard-to-explain, and/or fittingly unequal. Period. And it is not a network's job to cater to discriminatory views -- just like it's not in society's interest to pretend like gay people are born with an innate TV-MA rating, fit for an instantaneous parental block.


*SEE ALSO: The GLAAD report that spurred the comments:

Network Responsibility Index [GLAAD]

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