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Refreshing: National Organization for Marriage now owning religious group status

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization is now fully admitting it: They want to push "God's intent" for marriage into our civil law:

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 At 8.24.51 Am
[NOM's Facebook Wall]

I welcome this move, actually! We've long known that NOM is fighting on the basis of personally interpreted religious views, hoping to change the policies of our supposedly church/state-separated nation via the organization's own, largely Catholic beliefs. NOM has long denied this, saying they are a multi-faith, broad coalition arguing on the basis of good policy and the common good. But with this new tactic, they are all but belying years of work. They've just handed us the undeniable proof that their mission is one steeped in heterosexist religious animus for certain kinds of *civil* marriages. They've just confirmed that they want their supporters to believe that gay couples are outside the purview of God.

So yeah: Thanks, NOM!

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