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Video: 'The Lord has called you and I [sic]' to petition against inclusive education

by Jeremy Hooper

California church networks are again using their resources. To feed the hungry? To clothe the poor? To house the homeless? Well, hopefully they're doing that too. But in this case, it's to stop *public* schools from teaching that LGBT people have contributed to society:

Pastor Jack Hibbs: "This is a righteousness issue that has been taken from us
by a rogue government
"…"The Scriptures tell us that the Lord has not
give us a spirit of fear but of of a sound mind. This is something God is
committed to because it's righteousness

Signature-gathering instructions (boring, but included to show
how considerable their effort

(H/t: Scott Hutcheson)

Expect equality advocates to petition against excollusive Christian schools sometime around Never.

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