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When polls backfire: The Family Leader puts wind under Pres. Obama's sails

by Jeremy Hooper

The very anti-LGBT, deeply conservative Family Leader group is currently hosting a "Quarter Poll" at their Iowa State Fair booth. So who's winning this, a poll intended to show strong GOP resistance to the current administration? Well here, take a look at the group's latest e-blast for that answer:

Screen Shot 2011-08-17 At 5.21.40 Pm

Yes, that's right: President Obama. Is winning. This group's poll. Hysterical.

So of course they're spinning this as a good thing, bragging about taking Obama supporters' money. But you know they're secretly stewing. Because they now have to report these results, per their own promises:

(last week's e-blast)

And they have to put stock in the process, per the conceit of the poll itself (or else none of their polling or any similar local polling matters either). So if/when they ultimately have to press release the fact that the president triumphed over all of the conservatives that The Family Leader has been touting all winter, spring and summer? As I said: Hysterical!

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