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Diaz robocalls for NOM, against Weprin; really needs to find new obsession

by Jeremy Hooper

Another New York Democrat goes against the party, all because of David Weprin's vote for civil marriage equality:

Screen Shot 2011-09-12 At 10.50.33 Am "I praise the Lord that the National Organization for Marriage has given me opportunities to robo-call and send mailings to the voters in the 9th Congressional District about my support for Bob Turner's pro-family values. These efforts will empower Bob Turner with real support from New York's Hispanic community."

-Rev. Sen. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx)
(h/t: Andres Duque)

Reminder: This is the same Rubén Díaz whose histrionic May 15 rally in the Bronx featured a presiding pastor who said that "those who practice [homosexuality] are worthy to death"; another preacher claiming that "breaking traditional marriage" will bring 'judgement and wrath of God' just like Sodom & Gommorah; a Puerto Rican speaker who said that local star Ricky Martin is opening the gates of hell; wife Leslie Diaz calling gays an "abomination" and basing all opposition to civil marriage on her own personal faith (with Brian Brown looking on in smiles); and much, much more. Is this really what Bob Turner plans to bring to the United States Congress? Because there are many of us will be sure that it sticks to him -- first and foremost, those like NOM who will expect him to be beholden to their extreme agenda.

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