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Maggie Gallagher: Gays want all to 'acknowledge their sovereignty over God’s'

by Jeremy Hooper

And now even more from Maggie Gallagher, who, in her fury to make her ridiculous "Anti-Defamation Alliance" happen, is now coming right out and admitting that she wants government employees to put "God's sovereignty" above civil responsibilities:

“Kudos to those who have refused to bow to Caesar’s demands. And even more kudos to those who've decided not to resign but to stay and fight for their own, and all our rights,” Gallagher said to CNA.

She characterized town clerks as “canaries in the coal mine” because they are among the first to be affected by the ideas embedded in the recognition of same-sex “marriage.”

“If we start speaking out, rising up together, this kind of persecution would not, cannot continue. Their hope is that we give up, give in, acknowledge their sovereignty over God’s,” she said.

“This we cannot do. We have to find the unshakeable 10 percent who will stand, who will speak truth in love to the new power, and make it clear we cannot be bribed or coerced into muting or disappearing.”

Observers see gay agenda threatening religious freedom [Catholic News Agency]

To understand why Maggie's talking like this, as opposed to the way she talks when on cable news or before Congress, one need only look at that final line about an "unshakeable 10 percent." It's exactly what I mused on in the Screen Shot 2011-09-27 At 1.14.54 Pmpost I titled "The Politics of Just Enough." Maggie and company are now trying with all of their power to rally the most hyper-motivated 10 or so percent that they can, knowing that a small group where 9 out of 10 will show up at the polls can beat a much larger team where only 4 out of 10 will. And the way they rally these folks is by positioning gays as radical, freedom-stifling militants who are pointing Caesar's spear right at God's eye.

Maggie then goes on to ratchet up the victimization even further, suggesting that pro-equality voices cannot win “unless they get us to agree to our own inferiority," a comment that manages to be obtuse, misappropriated, accusatory, divisive and offensive all at once. But of course she cannot make America accept any of it, unless she gets us to agree to her own lifestyle choices.

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