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NOM EXPOSED: What does NOM sponsor? Have a listen:

by Jeremy Hooper


First the players:

Screen Shot 2011-09-06 At 2.19.41 Pm

Chuck Limandri

: General counsel for the National Organization For Marriage during the Prop 8 fight; Cohost of a Catholic radio show, a duty he shares with NOM's own Jennifer Roback Morse; Still a big NOM friend and ally, per NOM president Brian Brown's own words; Carrie Prejean's attorney.

Screen Shot 2011-09-06 At 2.20.08 Pm

Randy Thomasson

: Very extreme head of California's Campaign For Children and Families (so-called); A man who even Prop 8 attorney Andy Pugno (a big NOM friend) said "represents the extreme fringe and is not representative of the coalition that got [Prop 8] passed"; A man whose organization once likened town clerks who are tasked with fairly licensing same-sex couples to Nazi solders who were once forced to "gas the Jews."

Screen Shot 2011-09-06 At 2.19.17 Pm-2

The National Organization For Marriage

: An organization that pretends to be nice, measured, and focused on the work at hand; An organization that needs to deny LGBT hostility/animus if they are to survive; an organization that has managed to get every leading GOP presidential candidate to sign onto its agenda, and whose co-founder hosted a nationally televised Labor Day forum with said GOP hopefuls.

Now onto the scenario:

Towards the end of last month, Thomasson appeared on LiMandri's Catholic radio show. An appearance that was even more over-the-top and hostile than one might even expect. What follows are some pertinent clips.

First the intro: Chuck sets the tone by casting out the "evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls":

[SOURCE FOR ALL CLIPS: Catholic Radio of San Francisco]

Randy sets the partisan tone by bemoaning "the evil Democrats" he deals with in California:

Randy gives a sketch of his work against "unnatural and unhealthy" LGBT people:

On SB48, the bill which most of us recognizing as encouraging inclusive interaction in California schools, but which Randy says is like a tip of an iceberg destined to sink the Titanic:

Now it starts getting really nasty, with Randy arguing against the idea of LGBT normalcy itself:

Randy likens the "lie" of homosexuality to drugs, cigarettes, junk food, drunk driving, and more:

Randy shows fundamental disrespect for "the powers of evil" who see the world differently than he does:

Now comes the overt preaching. Both Randy and Chuck use faith to condemn not only LGBT people, but also those who "lead children astray" ("better they have a millstone tied around their necks and thrown in the sea or even better that they'd never been born");

Randy cites a "former homosexual" for insight into how gays "brainwash" people; again calls homosexuality unnatural and harmful; calls it a "hammer against everything that is good and sacred in society":

More Bible, more claims of "leading kids astray" about "unnatural" homosexuality:

Limandri, NOM's friend, ally, Roback-Morse cohost, and onetime counsel: "Nature never forgives [::laughs::] And when you do certain things that are unnatural because our bodies were not designed for that kind of behavior, nature's not going to be forgiving":

Limandri says supporting LGBT people is like buying booze for an alcoholic;:


How NOM is connected to this careless rancor:

Beyond what I've already mentioned (Limandri as NOM counsel; Roback-Morse as Limandri cohost; etc) there is an even more apparent, undeniable way that NOM is connected to all that you just heard. In fact, NOM is not only connected to it -- THE ORGANIZATION IS SUPPORTING EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT:

[SOURCE FOR ALL CLIPS: Catholic Radio of San Francisco]

Still think NOM's only about "protecting marriage"? If your answer is yes, you're either not paying attention, are kidding yourself, or have an obvious agenda built around putting forth a more palatable public image in order to achieve much more sweeping goals (i.e. you work for NOM or one of its affiliates).

If your answer is no, then my question to you: What are you going do to help get the word out about the one, obviously animus-driven group that is keeping this offensive national battle alive?

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