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Peter Sprigg: Beware the homo-hypnotic lure of gay wedding rings

by Jeremy Hooper

Claim of the morning: That if marriage equality is a reality, heteros across the nation will be more likely to leave their current marriages to enter a same-sex one:

Screen Shot 2011-09-20 At 9.57.16 Am"Since [Prop 8 plaintiff Sandra Stier] realized 'in 1999, early in the year' that she was 'in love with' Kristin Perry, and her marriage also ended in 1999, it is somewhat difficult to give credence to this denial, whatever difficulties her husband may have had. Advocates of same-sex 'marriage' often ask, 'What harm could same-sex marriage do to your marriage?' In the case of Stier’s marriage, it appears that society’s growing acceptance of homosexual relationships may have made it easier for her to leave her husband. If same-sex 'marriage' were legalized, and it were possible to go directly from a heterosexual marriage to a homosexual one, the incentive to break up the first marriage might be even greater. This—the breakup of some existing opposite-sex marriages—is a potential harm of same-sex “marriage” which is very real. However, it is impossible to predict in advance who will experience it."

-Family Research Council's Senior Fellow and advocate for gay people's "exportation" and/or criminalization, Peter Sprigg

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Of course there's obvious ridiculousness in the claim that homosexuality is something that one could ever be lured into. But beyond just that: Stier and Perry entered into a relationship at a time when marriage equality was in no way an American reality in even one of the states. These two have become synonymous with marriage denial, not approval. So on what possible basis can Peter use this rights-denied couple's relationship as an example of marriage equality's harms?! Even for the most rabid of anti-equality activists, that's a serious stretch.

What Peter is really decrying here is homosexuality itself. Marriage equality is just the vehicle for the attack, as it so often is. What Peter's gunning for is the acceptance of homosexuality itself. His choice to scapegoat a non-married couple as some sort of slippery slope only bears out the obvious. Bears out the deep-seated animus.

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