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Ruling: 'Prop 8: The Documentary' becomes easier to shoot

by Jeremy Hooper

Super-8The big Prop 8 news of the day:

Just in, Judge Ware granted the plaintiffs’ motion to unseal the Prop 8 tapes! Judge Ware granted a limited stay on his own ruling, until September 30th, meaning if the Court doesn’t grant a longer stay as a result of a motion or a higher court, the tapes will then be released to the public. Ruling (at link):
BREAKING: Judge Ware grants motion to unseal Prop 8 tapes, with limited stay [Prop 8 Trial Tracker]

An appeal is a near-certainty. But in my opinion, that appeal's failure is equally definite.

So pop the popcorn, kiddies: The "protect marriage" devolution may soon be televised!

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