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Video: New school year, same ol' fear lines

by Jeremy Hooper

Candi Cushman's main job at Focus on the Family -- as in for a paycheck -- is to make public schools less accepting of LGBT people. Here's her latest effort:

I love how these "values" types always accuse LGBT people of sneaking in positive portrayals through cartoon-y characters. Because what, positive messages in other areas are typically taught with staid, run-of-the mill humans? I mean seriously, what have kids been reading throughout history: Winnie the Tax Attorney? The Tortoise and the Man with Parted Hair? Marinara with a Chance of Meatballs? The Velveteen Blanket? Curious-About-Tort-Reform George?

NO! The truth is that pro-LGBT children's books, like LGBT-inclusive curricula itself, emulates the same values, characters, morals, takeaways, and everything else that has come to define elementary education. The only difference: Inclusive teaching actually accepts the world for what it is instead of embracing the fable that some would like it to be.

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