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Jim Daly bearing false witness, CNN giving him platform to do so

by Jeremy Hooper

Right now, on Focus on the Family's main website, leader researcher Glenn Stanton is telling supporters to think the following about gays and lesbians:

All sexual sin is wrong because it fails to mirror the Trinitarian image, but homosexuality does more than fail. It's a particularly evil lie of Satan because he knows that it overthrows the very image of the Trinitarian God in creation, revealed in the union of male and female.

This is why this issue has become such a flashpoint. It will become even more contentious because nothing else challenges this image of the Triune God so profoundly and thoroughly as homosexuality. It's not what we were made for.

How We Dishonor God in Our Sex Lives [Focus on the Family]

It's right there in the main, "marriage & relationships" section of Focus on the Family's website. When a user goes to this organization to find out "God's design for sex," this is the instruction he or she is given: To see LGB (and presumably T) human beings as part of a "particularly evil lie of Satan."

Oh, and this is the same Focus on the Family that aggressively pushes so-called "ex-gay" therapy on a near-daily basis. That would be the scientifically-rejected idea that LGBT people are wrong for living as they are, and that they should ditch their lives, loves, and families for the evangelical brand of faith-based "change."

Okay, now consider this. Focus president Jim Daly has written yet another column where he accuses his opposition of exploiting the word "hate" by himself exploiting the word "hate." Only this time its the mainstream channels of CNN that Daly uses to push the following duplicity:

Screen Shot 2011-10-03 At 2.48.48 PmDoes Focus on the Family advocate for that definition of marriage to be upheld as the law of the land? Unapologetically. But do we, as Webster's defines "hate," feel "intense hostility and aversion" to gays and lesbians? Do we regard them with "extreme dislike or antipathy"? Unequivocally not.

My Take: 'Hate' is too big a word to be used with such little restraint [CNN]

Yup, that's right: He makes it all about marriage. Never once does Daly mention Focus' aggressive 'change" efforts. He doesn't mention the "particularly evil lie of Satan" thing, or the generalized idea that gays are challenging the image of God. He overlooks the staffers who uses phrases like "two infected wounds that had been bandaged together with very dirty and soiled gauze" to discredit same-sex relationships. He doesn't take responsibility for anything, instead playing the part of the innocent who simply doesn't want to chicken dance at a gay wedding. He acts as if his is just a voice of minor disagreement and not the voice of the leader of the same organization that dedicates a bulk of its day to cultivating a world of which out and proud LGBT people deserve no part.

And of course he does this because he'll mostly get a pass. Perhaps CNN will give equal time to a pro-equality advocate, perhaps they won't. But regardless, the fact that this current crop of LGBT-targeting social conservatives are still asked to write columns like this one, acting as if the "culture war" they've declared is just a mere social matters on which we should be able to "agree to disagree"? Well it's a particularly evil lie of our contrived politics, that!


*EARLIER response to what's become Daly's stock column: Who's exploiting the word 'hate,' exactly? [G-A-Y]

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