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Does Cindy Golding wish NOM would just go away?

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef0162Fbcb6082970DCindy Golding has two powerful out-of-state groups involved in her one, hyperlocal state senate race solely because -- SOLELY.BECAUSE! -- of marriage equality and the supposed "right" of Iowans to vote on the legal same-sex marriages in their state. I repeat: NOM and FRC are only throwing cash and endorsements at this one statehouse race because they think the Republican, Golding, will put marriage to a vote.

But now get this: Golding is blaming THE MEDIA for making her race all about marriage. But even more outrageous: She made these claims while appearing at morning "Values Bus" stop right alongside -- wait for it, wait for it -- the National Organization For Marriage. James Q. Lynch reports:

At a rally with the Family Research Council Action’s Values Voters Bus Tour and the National Organization for Marriage, a day ahead of an election to fill a vacancy in Iowa Senate 18, Republican Cindy Golding told supporters not to accept media attempts to make the race about any one issue, especially same-sex marriage.

Opponents of same-sex marriage see the special election in the Linn County Senate district as critical for giving Iowans an opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment banning the practice that has been legal in Iowa since the state Supreme Court struck down a state ban in 2009. That’s because Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, has vowed to block action on a House-passed resolution to put the issue on the ballot.

“Sen. Gronstal has said ‘over my dead body.’ Where does that fit in our democracy?” Christopher Plante of NOM asked at the rally. “Let the people vote. We’re good with that. That’s all we’re asking for.”

Golding supports a referendum on same-sex marriage, but said there’s more at stake.

“I want to encourage voters ‘Don’t vote on a single issue, vote on all of those other values that are important to you that make Iowa as great as it has been and as great as it can be in the future,’” Golding said Nov. 7.

“It is not a single issue, it is one of several issues that brings us together to change this state,” she said.

FULL: Golding rips media for making Iowa Senate 18 election a single-issue race [Source Media/ Eastern Iowa Govt.]

The race is not about a single issue? Well gee, Cindy, then why are these D.C. groups coming all the way to Iowa to focus on one District race -- because they had a hankering for corn? Because they hear the foliage is lovely in Cedar Rapids this time of the year? Because they heard a conservative radio ad about investing in gold and thought the principle also applies to surnames? I mean seriously, what, if not for this single issue that they've been using to divide Iowa for over two years now?!

My take: Cindy Golding is experiencing the other side of out-of-state, gay-obsessed cash. A week and a half ago I noted how the candidate didn't even list marriage as one of her top issues, despite NOM and Company's attempts to nationalize her race around it. And ever since, all of her comments have been more about "getting beyond" the marriage matter rather than about the merits of "protecting marriage." I truly believe that she's kind of having a "Ruh Roh" moment right now, 24 hours before her election, realizing that the conservative cash and attention that she couldn't turn down is not always a boon here in an America that has so many true problems. And I truly believe that Team Golding -- while they'll never admit it -- might be seeing NOM as an albatross rather than an asset.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. But regardless of outcome, I'm seeing signs of hope when it comes to NOM's arrogant state-by-state drop-ins and the public's/the candidate's regard for the same. While it's not enough for us to simply nix that special interest influence -- Golding does seem truly committed to putting marriage before the whims of a popular vote, for instance -- it would seem to be a first step in putting this mean-spirited "culture war" out of business for good.


*HA!!!! Look at the following Iowa Independent video to see Golding's lukewarm response in all its glory. She literally says "I gotta run" and then flees the scene:

You can feel the gay-obsessed Chuck Hurley, Chris Plante, and Connie Mackey stewing behind her.

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