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Regressive graphic for a regressive call

by Jeremy Hooper

The vast majority of the National Organization For Marriage's latest e-blast is just more of the same. They ask folks to call their Senators for the cause of "defending DOMA." They ask for money for NOM's coffers. They ask supporters to keep focused, so as to stop the "absolute destruction of marriage in America." It's all boring stuff, really. Toothless hyperbole, by and large.

But the real story comes before the text, via the honest photo NOM staffers chose for the header:

Screen Shot 2011-11-29 At 2.44.55 Pm

I say it's a story because this might just be the most honest choice NOM staffers have made to date. I mean think about it: What better way to represent this particular group and its regressive plan for America than through a technology that's been losing popularity since the Carter administration? It's clumsy. It's outdated. It's stuck in the past. Virtually no one under thirty can relate to it. Yes, yes -- a rotary phone is the perfect allegory for NOM!

The only thing that'd be better? A toy rotary phone, so that the childish games NOM plays with people's lives might also find their emblematic representation.

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