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Reputation rehab: Baylor no longer pushing 'gateway drug'

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2011-11-14 At 10.04.17 AmBaylor University was offering a class called "Homosexuality as a Gateway Drug." But after the Internets caught on to the ridiculousness, the Christian school took away the course name, now branding the Spring 2012 offering with a simple "Family Studies" label:

Baylor's Awesome "Homosexuality as Gateway Drug" Class Gets New Name [Houston Press]

Though don't be too fooled by the more benign name. It's likely that this course will still paint homosexuality as a slippery slope with unintended side effects, even if its instructor has left the drug trade.

But what I really want to know: Whether the school's Pharmacology students learn of homosexuality's wonderful medicinal usage. It helps treat glaucoma, doesn't it?

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