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Welcome Beck: NJ state Sen. embraces history's right side

by Jeremy Hooper

BeckIn 2009, New Jersey state Senator Jennifer Beck made news when she, along with four GOP colleagues, chose to focus energy on "strengthening" the state's civil unions law rather than putting principled capital towards passing a marriage equality bill. Fortunately, times have changed:

Two years ago, state Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) voted against gay marriage.

It is well-known that Beck has done an about-face on the issue. But
The Auditor has learned that not only is she a solid "yes" vote for gay marriage, but that she plans to co-sponsor the bill when it is introduced.
FULL: The Auditor/Star-Ledger

Not surprising that she'd go from reluctance to full hog. Our side of the fence is fun! Once you come across, you realize how much you've been missing and how much more you could be doing. The path from support to sponsorship is a short one.

This the "slippery slope" our opposition truly fears: The one that causes enlightened minds to slide fully into our arms. It's a beautiful ride, ours.

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