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Michele Bachmann wants all to meet and hear Janet Boynes; so here, meet and hear her

by Jeremy Hooper

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is a big fan:

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SOURCE: Janet Boynes references

A big fan of what, exactly? Well, rhetoric like this, apparently:

A former lesbian and leader of a Christian ministry says the current generation is embracing and advocating for homosexuality like never before, and it's because "Barack Obama is using his influence, and the financial power of the government, to promote it."

That word comes from Janet Boynes of Janet Boynes Ministries, which states up-front that its goal is to "minister to individuals who question their sexuality or who wish to leave homosexuality. JBM will seek to inform and challenge churches and society about the issues surrounding sexuality and teach how to minister to the homosexual community."

She told WND that many "young and naïve secularists" are busy following Obama's leading on his sexually permissive agenda, and the result of that will lead "to the demise of traditional values and families," she said.

The Obama agenda also "propagates the attack of Judeo-Christian beliefs on a global level," she said.
"The Bible says that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)," she said. "It is his main objective to bring confusion and cause division within the church and he does this by altering God's truth in such a way that many Christians are deceived if they are not rooted and grounded in God's word."
"There is nowhere Satan can have his way more completely than where sin and confusion reign," she said. "'You can't change,' Satan whispers. 'You were born this way, and whether you like it or not this is the way you'll be until the day you die,'" she said.
Boynes certainly declares homosexuality is sinful, but she says it in love, as one who has actually been there.

Boynes' story of slipping into a same-sex attraction and then a relationship is one oft repeated today, and she's concerned about the increasing confusion and moral chaos, especially the push by the Obama administration to normalize "gay."

"There has never been a time in U.S. American history where there has been a president that has pushed so hard for the normalization of homosexuality and the LGBT causes across our nation in every government office," she told WND.

She said that Obama's push, now on a global scale, "comes from an ideology that sexual orientation is equal to, if not superior to, race and/or gender."

"This president is not in step with the majority of American citizens that believe in traditional human relations with marriage being defined as one man with one woman; and that homosexual behavior is wrong," she said.
Of the culture that declares that people are either born "gay" or not, Boynes told WND, "There is no gay gene."

She said, "I can't choose to change from black to white. I did, however, change from gay to straight."

She said those who say homosexuality is not a choice and believe homosexuals are born that way, "have no scientific authority to base that on."

"Thousands of ex-gays prove this to be true as well," she said.

The reason people choose to be "gay" may be as varied as people themselves. But she says in each case, "they made a decision."

With the politically charged push for "gay bullying" laws, Boynes commented: "The gay community says that non-gays bully them, but you don't have to look very hard to see it's just the opposite."

"In reality we are being bullied by the gay community by imposing on us to accept what they believe," she said. "If we don't stand with the gay community we are either seen as bigots or bullies."

She said, "They bully me all the time, calling me traitor, and other things. … Until they listen to God calling them out of that sinful life, they don't understand."

Read more: Ex-lesbian: Obama destroying traditional families [WND]

Anti-science, anti-reality, anti-gay. These are the politically motivated words of a tiny, niche movement that the social conservatives aggrandize and use to "justify" their "love the sinner, hate the sin" policy work.

But my real question in regards to a far less niche figure: Why shouldn't we assume that a theoretical President Bachmann would appoint Janet Boynes to a prominent outreach role. I mean, the onetime GOP frontrunner and current candidate says quite plainly that she wishes everyone could meet and hear Janet's "powerful testimony of the changes that Christ can bring through His healing power from the bondage of sin." I know that if one were to ask Bachmann about this, she'd give her typical, stock "I'm a serious candidate focusing on serious issues" schpiel. Or maybe she'd make a lame joke like she did on Leno. But why should those of us in the pro-equality, reality-based community let her get away with that? Why do people like Michele Bachmann get to build up people like Janet Boynes and push out their deeply dangerous and offensive message, then ditch all accountability when their political careers starting depending more on pragmatism?

It's crap! Our lives matter. The war against our realities does as well. It's time people in the media and elsewhere start actually believing people like Michele Bachmann when they push efforts to "change" us.

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