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NY group going to court so 'the One can save the world'

by Jeremy Hooper

I, for one, am eager to see the case that the New Yorker's Family Research Foundation and the Liberty Counsel present before the New York court system in their effort to overturn the state's marriage equality law. That's because I have monitored both groups for years, and I know how extreme both tend to be. Any time they get public attention, I get another chance to talk about all they have said and done. Their animus only helps us.

But I do ask one thing. That is: When this crowd presents their case in a court of CIVIL law, they be honest about their true motivations. Motivations that NYFRF spells out in its end-of-year fundraising plea:

Government will always ultimately fail, because the law cannot change a person’s heart. The power of government is restricted by a Divine design. Even on its best day, at its greatest moments of achievement, human government leaves us longing for a greater one.

Imagine a government that does not surrender its principles, but always works in the best interests of its citizenry. It is led by a ruler who demands justice, but metes out mercy. There are no term limits, for its King is eternal. This is reality for the Christian who anticipates an eternity with Jesus. Our broken government, which cannot get to the core problem, drives us to our need for the One who can.

This Christmas I am asking you to look at a failed New York State and national government, and acknowledge your need for another. Do not be despondent over the failures of our leaders, but look to the One who can save the world.

Christians should engage the culture and advocate for public policy positions that are in accord with the timeless principles of Scripture, but we must also acknowledge the limitations of government. It is not politics, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is our hope.

Followers of Jesus Christ are called to shine as lights “in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation” (Phil. 2:15). It is a calling that necessitates a certain tension of being in the world, but not of it. When you support the ministry of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) you are supporting an organization that strives to live within that calling.
Our Leaders Can't Get to the Core Problem, But We Can Point Them to the One Who Can [NYFRF]

They fully admit it: This group, like its legal stewards at the Liberty Counsel, is working for force the supposedly religiously-free people of an extremely diverse state to live within what they see as God's Christian calling. Fair enough. Before I get accused of this or that or the other, let me say that I fully support this organization's right to exist within the realm of politics as an out-and-proud evangelical group. They have just as much right to speak out as I do, and I would go to court to defend their right to do so.

But that said: They do not have the right to foist their personal beliefs onto everyone. The conversation is civil marriage, which is always free from the optional (even if oft-utilized) religious ceremonial component. So if they are to resist civil marriage as a way to "point [citizens] to the One," then they need to at least be honest about what is bringing them into that court. If God put them their to save our "crooked and perverse nation," then they owe it to God to tell the judge that motivation. It's dishonest to separate the fundraising language from the contrived legal reasoning.

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