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Same chestnuts, same fire: NH's new anti-equality head gears up to roast equal rights

by Jeremy Hooper

Kevin Smith is busy both running for Governor and lobbying for the National Organization For Marriage, so that left a hole at the top of New Hampshire's very anti-gay (and pro-"ex-gay") Cornerstone Policy Research. So here, let incoming Executive Director Wendy Warcholik introduce herself:

Dear Cornerstone Supporter,

I know this alert reaches you during the holiest of seasons where the last thing on your mind is politics; you are rightly planning special gatherings with children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, there is an assault on traditional marriage in NH and you have the opportunity to reverse this assault with a few minutes of your time over the next two weeks.

Those blessed with children know what a miracle they are how and how important having a mom and dad in the home is to your children and grandchildren. Gender roles are important and a child deserves the opportunity to form a tight bond with the godly man and woman who brought them into this world. Unfortunately, there are those from out-of-state who have been consistently applying pressure on NH legislators to change the definition of traditional man and woman marriage.

We have an important vote that seeks to restore traditional marriage coming up as early as January 4th and we need your help to call your House Representative and tell them how important it is to not allow gays and lesbians to redefine marriage for all of us. Put succinctly, “Gays and Lesbians have a right to live as they choose, they don’t have the right to redefine marriage for all of us."

Gay advocacy groups funded by people like gay entrepreneur Tim Gill in Colorado helped change the definition of marriage in NH to include lesbians and gays--check out the Gill Foundation’s staff list to see what we are up against. Now we stand just weeks away from a House vote to restore traditional marriage and again, the Granite State has been infiltrated by out-of-state interests--the gay advocacy group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families. As reported by the NH Journal,

“The entire leadership of the controversial gay marriage advocacy group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families consists of lawyers and activists from New York City and Washington, DC, new documents obtained by NH Journal reveal. In fact, judging strictly from these organizational documents, the group has no connection to the Granite State whatsoever.”

Given the deep pockets supporting homosexual “marriage,” it is crucial that you reach out to your House legislators to tell them you want them to support HB437 which will restore traditional marriage as defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Governor Lynch said he supported marriage as defined as union between one man and one woman, however, as money from gay activists filled Lynch’s pockets, he changed his mind and signed a law that redefines marriage to include unions between two men or two women. We have the opportunity to restore marriage with HB437 if you can take a few minutes to call your House legislators and ask them to support traditional marriage.

We appreciate House Representative Bates and Senator Groen for their sponsorship of HB437 but they cannot pass it without you. The majority of the phone calls the sponsors are receiving are from people who support homosexual “marriage.” I have great hope that we can turn this around and take the steering wheel away from the NY/DC gay activists if you and your family members will call your House Representative before the vote in early January.

You can find your House Representative as well as a script to follow when you call him/her at Cornerstone’s website here. You can also sign the petition to restore traditional marriage here as well as read talking points in support of marriage between man and woman at Cornerstone’s website and here.

Wendy Warcholik, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Cornerstone Policy Research and Cornerstone Action

Uhm, "there are those from out-of-state who have been consistently applying pressure on NH legislators to change the definition of traditional man and woman marriage"? The benign, peaceful, legislatively enacted "definition" of marriage in New Hampshire, right now, as we speak, INCLUDES SAME-SEX COUPLES! Those applying pressure are the ones who think they can use words like "assault" and phrases like "godly man and woman" in order to paint gays as anti-faith, anti-family, and therefore anti-entitled-to-equality-under-CIVIL-law! It's the ANTI-equality side that's trying to change the current definition!

And I love how Ms. Warcholik starts with such a sanctimonious note about the holiday season. Yes, it's inappropriate to force this issue at this time, though not because it's Christmas or Chanukah or Winter Solstice. This attempted repeal is inappropriate because it's a WRONG-HEADED, DEEPLY DIVISIVE, WANTONLY DISCRIMINATORY effort that is inappropriate by virtue of its existence. Forget the current season on the calendar -- it's this crowd's ongoing attempt to force said calendar to run backwards that is so infuriating!

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