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NOM's reliably reductive Frank Turek claims = FALSE

by Jeremy Hooper

In a typically self-victimizing column for Forbes.com, Jonathan Baker of something the National Organization For Marriage calls its "Corporate Fairness Project" again repurposes this common NOM line about Dr. Frank Turek:

Screen Shot 2012-01-16 At 10.38.54 Am

So since NOM continues this reductive game of making Frank Turek seem like a mere author who merely opposes same-sex marriage, it's time for me to once again to acknowledge a few truths.

TRUTH: Frank Turek goes around the country saying that gays and "radical Muslims" both "hate Western civilization, both hate Judeo-Christian natural law values that our Constitution and particularly our Declaration of Independence were founded on"

TRUTH: Frank Turek promotes the idea that gay people are embracing harmful, "illegitimate" and "changeable" behavior on par with that of sociopaths, alcoholics, or even gay bashers

TRUTH: Frank Turek likens same-sex marriage to human/beast marriage

TRUTH: Frank Turek claims that gay activists are "acting like racists" in their quests to do things like serve openly in the military.

TRUTH: Frank Turek's radio show routinely plays hosts to fringe figures like Michael Brown, who spend much time trying to conflate pedophilia to homosexuality.

TRUTH: Frank Turek responds to the pro-gay vibe of "Glee" by saying it "advertises sin and destruction," even going so far as to link the pro-gay advocacy to the recent spate of tragic LGBT suicides.

TRUTH: These are the kinds of things that really placed scrutiny on Frank Turek, not his mere marriage views.

TRUTH: NOM ignores these truths because truth means far less to NOM than does convenient spin.



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