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They've tossed more stones than Bedrock's head contractor. Our agenda: Surviving that.

by Jeremy Hooper

This is Caleb Price, writing for the Family Research Council:

"In the span of a few short years, American culture has undergone a breath-taking shift in attitudes about homosexuality and transgenderism. Behaviors that were recently viewed by most to be unseemly, if not immoral, are now embraced. What was good is now evil. What was evil is now good.

And while homosexual and transgender activists insist that there is no agenda in play, a closer look shows that this 180-degree turn was no accident.
Understanding the GLBT Political Agenda – And What You Can Do About It [FRC]

Okay, first: The good/evil conceit. I have absolutely no problem with our outspoken opposition playing this card. By positioning us as "evil" -- past, present, or future -- they show who is really trafficking in crude judgement. They show how much beyond marriage and family their fight really goes. They show how little regard they have for our lives, loves, families, and generalized senses of worth. It is doing their "values" movement no favors.

But what I really want to talk about here is the second part. Namely: The idea that LGBT activists are being disingenuous when we say there is no real "agenda," as it were. This is an aspect of the conversation that these "pro-family" folks just don't grasp. Or at least won't admit that they grasp. Or at least publicly fail to grasp so as to dupe their support base with their beloved myths.

The truth: Yes, society has drastically changed; but no, there is no deeply workshopped "agenda." Those are not conflicting statements. The reality is that LGBT people -- from activist to activ-ish (thanks Frank Decaro for that term) to deeply apolitical -- have spent the past few decades living our lives, bearing our truths, telling our stories, and connecting with our neighbors. Yes, this has been coupled with policy work, but policy work that depends on the personal pushes. It's these personal pushes and the public's ever-growing openness to growth that has led us to a brighter (thug still far from enlightened) day, not some carefully orchestrated battle plan that each LGBT person gets on his or her coming out day.

"Pro-family" groups want us need us to have a dark, secret, evil "agenda" because the truth is like a meteor that they know will put them out of what has become a highly lucrative way to stay both employed and connected with conservative politics. We LGBT activists are winning more hearts and minds with every passing year because we are cutting through the demonized portraits and showing that we are really nothing more than human beings who are here because someone wanted us here. We have cut through the spin, the lies, and the noise. We have beaten back some of the more heinous claims. And so now, when faced with an increasingly clued-in public, the religious right is running out of ways to keep up the charade. One of their last strangleholds: Claiming that we, the ones who have played defense in the "culture war" that they declared against us, have some sort of "radical" battle plan that we've been crafty enough to implement in secret. It's all part of the "gays are militant" script that they've followed since at least the sixties, just with a 21st century, "Modern Family"-tuned, post-marriage-equality-in-six-states twist.

Don't be fooled: They are the ones who always had the agenda. They now know (even if they'll never admit it) that there is no chance of forcing America into a 180-degree regression that will ultimately turn its back on peace and equality. So the short game is to at least keep the anti-American dream alive for just a few more elections. A few more Supreme Court appointments. A few more fundraising letters. A few more appointments. A few more paychecks.

A closer look shows that their inevitable failure is no accident. Treating people like dog crap tends to lose out, eventually.

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