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Today in heavy-handed Fox Nation headlines (*and by heavy-handed, I mean blatant lie)

by Jeremy Hooper

I've told you many times about the situation in Ocean Grove, NJ. It's the one where a Methodist-church-operated pavilion that was receiving a *special* tax break under New Jersey's Green Acres tax-exemption -- a program which requires compliance with state non-discrimination laws in order to qualify -- wanted to stop a lesbian couple from having a ceremony on property they'd opened to the public. The pavilion and its Methodist operators agreed to the non-discrimination qualification upon signing up for the special break. So when the church denied the couple and ultimately lost their tax break because of it, what the pavilion "lost" was a distinctive tax break on a public accommodation that they wanted to restrict to only the heterosexual public. This could've happened if they had denied gays and lesbians (or any minority) from holding any sort of ceremony, not just a civil union commitment (remember: NJ doesn't have full marriage). The Methodists didn't lose regular tax-exempt status on an actual church: They lost it on a piece of property that required this kind of accommodating access, under NJ state law, in order to get what was undeniably a special right.

So now look how Fox News' Fox Nation is headlining a piece on the latest of many court smackdowns:

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 At 11.20.54 Am

Unreal. Though sadly real. And sadly trusted by very many.


*NOTE: A previous version of this report described the headline as belonging to Fox News as opposed to their user-generated Fox Nation. Sorry about that.

Though the actuarial Fox News headline to which this one links, "Judge: Christian Opposition to Same Sex Unions is Wrong," is really not that much better.

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