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Photog to NOM's WA site: We don't support or enjoy your work

by Jeremy Hooper

You know I love a good stock photo story. So I'm thrilled that my buddy Joe Mirabella got such a good one in his home state of Washington:

Preservemarriage-300X53[The Preserve Marriage Washington] website prominently features two family photos — as if to say their campaign is all about families. Unfortunately for them, the photos they bought may not be all that they seem.
The company that took the photo is an Austrian based company called Ameridesign.

When Ameridesign found out what their work was being used for they wrote in an email, “Ameridesign was disappointed to learn our photograph is being used in an effort to take away civil marriage for same-sex couples in Washington by the organization ‘Preserve Marriage Washington.’ The organization purchased our photo from a large database of stock images without any contact with us,” They wrote, “Ameridesign supports the rights of loving and committed same-sex couples to marry.”

MORE: Anti same sex civil marriage group caught using fake family photos [SeattlePI]

So basically, not only are the families on the NOM site fake Washingtonians, but the artists behind the images are now on record against everything for which the site stands. That's delicious.

What next: Are the nation's dictionaries going to rise up, take back, and re-contextualize the word "preserve"?

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