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The Family Neglecter: TFL goes after Gov, LGBTQ youth, basic safety

by Jeremy Hooper

Conference ImageThe 7th Annual Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) Youth is designed to help the state's young people know a safer, healthier, less traumatic journey. Considering the demonstrable roadblocks, harms, and outside condemnations that young LGBTQ are known to face, such effort should come as no surprise to any honest person. Obviously, long-stigmatized populations deserve this kind of focus, in hopes that future generations won't have nearly the same need.

The Family Leader, on the other hand, is designed to help the state's LGBTQ people know a harder, more contentious, less equal journey. So in that spirit, Bob Vander Plaats and Co. issue this press release:

On January 18th, a spokesman for Governor Branstad’s office told The FAMiLY LEADER that the administration was planning to contact event coordinators and request the exclusion of the word “Governor’s” from the Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth. The FAMiLY LEADER publicly complimented the Governor’s action via an email alert.

Last week, The FAMiLY LEADER learned the Governor has changed his stance by sending a letter of support to conference personnel saying, “I support the conference and its goal of eliminating bullying and making Iowa schools safe for all students. I do not object to you including the word ‘Governor’s’ in the conference title.” Governor Branstad also said, “You have my very best wishes for a successful conference this year and in future years.” Through this letter, Branstad voices his full support of the mission of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning agenda through his high praise and the lending of his official title, “Governor”, to their conference.

Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, says, “Governor Branstad needs to be held accountable for his support of this conference and the promotion of a very radical and dangerous left-wing agenda.”

As a former teacher, coach, and high school principal, Vander Plaats reiterated his and The FAMiLY LEADER’s opposition to harassment and bullying of any type within a school setting. Bob remarked, “Effective leaders in education provide safe learning environments. However, effective educational leaders also lead with a focus on academic achievement versus agenda acceleration. It is greatly disappointing and, frankly, disturbing that Branstad and his administration have chosen to be puppets to a far-left agenda versus being effective educational leaders.”
The FAMiLY LEADER does not support LGBTQ behavior and believes that a conference of this nature approves, promotes, and accelerates this behavior among students. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “men who have sex with men and persons exposed through high-risk heterosexual contact account for 82% of all HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed in 2006”. Therefore, The FAMiLY LEADER concludes that this conference is encouraging dangerous and unhealthy behavior while claiming to “provide a safe and supportive place in which to learn” as stated on their website.

The sponsors of the conference include the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA), the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB), Aviva, and Rockwell Collins. The FAMiLY LEADER assumes that taxpayer dollars are indirectly being used to support the conference since school districts use taxpayer money for ISBA dues and ISEA is comprised of members whose salaries are paid with public funds.

Vander Plaats commented on the irony of Branstad’s support for a left-wing agenda while former Iowa governors, Vilsack and Culver, chose to remove their title of “Governor” from the annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. “Vilsack and Culver had no problem upsetting the conservative base when they removed their title from a prayer breakfast, while Branstad surrendered to political pressure and abandoned his alleged conservative principles.” “Leaders….lead,” expressed Vander Plaats, “Branstad caved.”

The FAMiLY LEADER Observes Governor Branstad Surrendering to Political Pressure [TFL]

Adults playing political games with young people's safety. Is there anything more charming, really?

Maybe when a good Laugh At F*g Jokes Conference comes to town...

…Bob will be more supportive.

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