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Must read: This is the man working to stop equality in Maine

by Jeremy Hooper

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I've told you many times about Mike Heath and his pointed exclusion from the 2009 campaign that managed to to repeal marriage in Maine. So let's start with that:

MIKE HEATH: When I resigned from the League in 2009 Maine was just six weeks away from voting on the latest iteration of sexual orientation theory. The media has popularized the idea as "same sex marriage." Voters narrowly rejected the proposal at the polls, thank God.

Now the issue is back again and will appear on this November's ballot.

In 2009 national evangelical groups came together under the banner of the "National Organization for Marriage" with Catholics and Mormons. They raised and spent more money in that one campaign than we were able to raise in four previous campaigns on "gay rights" combined. Even with all that we barely won.

Their message purposely downplayed the evil essence of homosexuality and sodomy. They tried to sugarcoat the message. It barely worked then. It isn't going to work this time.

It's of course obvious why Heath was excluded back in 2009. It's because he thinks even people like those listed on the GLAAD Commentator Accountability Project are not outspoken enough against gays:

HEATH: Do I want to be on the list because I hate homosexuals? Obviously, no. I love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about sodomy, Christianity and morality. I've been doing that publicly every way I know how since 1990.

I found the "hate" list interesting. Many of the leaders on the list have softened their rhetoric dramatically over the years. They've decided to emphasize a truncated message of "love" over encouraging folks to honestly react to the profoundly evil lie that tells us sodomy and "sexual orientation" are "moral" goods.

I once believed what many on the GLAAD "hate" list, believe. I thought that we could win this fight by being clever, and primarily pragmatic in our approach. Staying on the good side of "friendly" Republicans would win the day. It hasn't worked. And … it won't work.

The church needs to do it's job. The government needs to do it's job. The two jobs are different. The church and government are independent of one another. God is not the government. That is why the Declaration of Independence teaches that our basic rights to life, liberty and property are given to us by the Creator -- not the government.

But this year, Mike is back, front and center, and will be leading the charge to stop marriage equality at the polls:

PORTLAND, Maine — Two longtime opponents of gay rights and same-sex marriage initiatives are forming a political action committee to oppose Maine’s same-sex marriage referendum.

Michael Heath and Paul Madore said Tuesday they’ve formed the No Special Rights PAC to oppose November’s ballot measure asking voters if same-sex marriage should be legalized.
Longtime gay marriage opponents Michael Heath, Paul Madore form PAC in Maine [AP via Bangor Daily News]

So why is Heath involving himself in this, a campaign against *CIVIL* marriage equality? Well here, let him tell you:

HEATH: Government is not our ally. We must not seek solace, support or comfort from the enemy. Government and the media are clearly …. clearly …. not interested in the values of Jesus Christ.

As loving and peaceable citizens of Maine we must come together and overwhelmingly reject the latest effort by homosexual radicals to pervert marriage.

We should also seriously consider forcing Maine government to end it's regulatory franchise over marriage, and give marriage back to individuals and the church.

It would be better if our government and political class would choose agreement with Jesus. If this isn't possible then they must choose neutrality.

So basically, Mike Heath -- who, it should be noted, served as Ron Paul's Iowa campaign director -- not only wants to make it all about church, but also wants to take the more libertarian approach of getting the government out all together. It's going to be fun to see how that goes over with the NOM crowd!

But then again, considering Mike Heath seems to think Olympia Snowe should make her exit from the U.S. Senate by way of a millstone and a sea…

HEATH: The so-called "gay" movement is rooted in sorcery and it is a child of the devil, and an enemy of everything that is right.

Dale McCormick is a child of the devil. Betsy Sweet is an enemy of everything that is right. John Baldacci, Angus King, Olympia Snowe, Mike Michaud, Chellie Pingree and Susan Collins all support the homosexual agenda. They support an agenda that is publicly and boldly devoted to training your child through their "public" schools in the ways of both fornication and transgendering.

Jesus went further than Paul in speaking out for children. He said that children of the devil who violate the innocence of our little ones should be cast into the sea with a millstone hung about their neck.

…perhaps the Maine "protect marriage" crowd has more to worry about than just Heath's Libertarian bent.

Stay classy, discrimination!

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