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'TMI' says man who makes living delving into our private lives

by Jeremy Hooper

Robbie Samuels didn't tag Peter Sprigg in his tweet:

Screen Shot 2012-03-29 At 12.05.31 Pm

He didn't provoke Sprigg. Didn't taunt him. In fact, he didn't involve the Family Research Council Senior Fellow in any way:

But leave it to Sprigg, who has apparently taken a journey back to junior high for the day, to jump into Samuels' conversation anyway, merely to taunt him with a "TMI" claim:

Screen Shot 2012-03-29 At 12.05.12 Pm

Too much information, Peter? I mean, I know that since you work for the Family Research Council, any information that wasn't carefully crafted within your movement's own setup stables of science, law, or policy is considered too much. But in this case, no one was really asking or telling you anything. Kind of weird to say "TMI" about someone else's information exchange.

Unless, of course, by ""TMI" you mean "Trans Men Inspire." In which case, carry on.

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