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Chuck Colson, respectfully but truthfully

by Jeremy Hooper

Longtime anti-LGBT activist Chuck Colson has apparently taken a turn for the worse. My sincere thoughts are with his family.

But at the same time, I cannot and will not forget the legacy. Because even right now, on Mr. Colson's website, paired right alongside the news that the longtime conservative personality "will soon be home with the Lord," there is a commentary….

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…in which Colson's fill-in, Eric Metaxas, once again calls people like me "disordered" and suggests that "chastity" is our only option:

It may come as a surprise to many of us, but many people in same-sex relationships are seeking the same thing. The problem is that they can’t achieve what they are seeking, because they are seeking it in what Catholic moral theology calls a “disordered” manner. Likewise, many advocates of same-sex marriage aren’t out to subvert marriage, at least not consciously. They’re pursuing the goods of marriage, all be it, in a disordered fashion.

Thus when we rightly say that the Christian response to same-sex attraction is chastity, we must remember that chastity is difficult enough for heterosexual Christians — who at least have the hope of expressing their sexuality in marriage.
Chuck Colson's Breakpoint

This, the slighting of LGBT people, is and will always be a part of Mr. Colson's legacy. I take absolutely no pride in mentioning that now, here at the apparent end. But I took even less pride in listening to it then, during the years upon years that the slings and arrows came my way and the unfortunate advice misled so many.

Godspeed, Mr. Colson. If it is your time to rest, then please do so with greater peace than mortal "culture wars" afforded your generation.

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