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How extreme is Vote For Marriage NC? Look no further than official committee leader March Creech

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is Tami Fitzgerald, the head of the Vote For Marriage NC campaign, touting Rev. Mark Creech's prominent role:

Why does this matter? Well, because this same Mark Creech has said these kinds of things about gay people:

"In fact, let me go on record with Tim Mertes in saying I also believe homosexuality is "impure," "dirty," and "disgusting." [SOURCE]

"Once again the Sodomites press upon the door of restraint to knock it down. America is presently the victim of an attempted sexual assault by the gay agenda — an attempted homosexual gang rape of our culture — the effort to sodomize our society! The great question is whether the majority of Americans who believe homosexuality is wrong and injurious for the nation, will continue to allow for its victimization, or whether they'll use the system of government God has so graciously granted to fight back." [SOURCE]
"To contend homosexuality or other sexually alternative practices are as worthy of special protections as religion is like saying feculence is as important to one's person or the culture as food. [SOURCE]
"While certain personality traits, familial relationships, early childhood experiences, possible sexual molestation, etc., may provide fertile soil for homosexuality to grow, these factors are not the primal issue. Homosexuality is not the result of biology! It is not caused by a deficit in the relationship with the same-sex parent! It is not caused by a failure to bond with one’s same-sex peers or any other outside influences! It is caused by something radically wrong with the human heart! It is caused by the principle of sin!"

"The real cause of homosexual desire or activity is the idolatrous instincts of the human heart." [SOURCE]
"Few sins have done more of late to wreak havoc among God's people as homosexuality." [SOURCE]

"Homosexuality remains contrary to nature." [SOURCE]
"Telling people who practice homosexuality their situation is physically fixed and unalterable is terribly uncompassionate and unloving. It robs them of their freedom to change and could result in someone losing his or her life to the unhealthy practice of gay and lesbian behavior. What is more, telling people "we are all the children of God" is worse. Such might lull many into a false sense of spiritual security that would result in the loss of their soul!" [SOURCE]

"One might say the Sodomites' so-called civil rights were affronted by Lot's barred door. They believed they had the right to impose their sexuality on others.

No longer were their shameful sins simply tolerated by a permissive society, but it had gone much further than that. Now these people were an open, aggressive and insistent force, in a city where none dare interfere. Their behavior was not looked upon as criminal, but as constitutional. Yet as they pushed upon Lot's door to knock it down, their actions were nothing less than an attempted gang rape.

Today, it is the same. I suggest the defying of marriage laws by gays and lesbians in California, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, and Oregon — the foisting of the issue of gay marriage on the country by judicial activists sympathetic with the gay agenda — is an attempted gang rape of our culture. It is an attempt to sodomize our society

This is the guy who's help steering the ship of this campaign. If you believe this campaign's agenda is limited only to marriage and not dripping with pure, unadulterated animus towards LGBT people, then I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Asheville!

Vote no on May 8th, North Carolina.

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