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Log Cabin's Cooper says GOP elephant should buck NOM; unlikely, considering party frontrunner has funded the org

by Jeremy Hooper

And now coming at NOM from the right, Log Cabin Republicans' R. Clarke Cooper:

"Putting aside NOM’s callous disregard for LGBT families, my party, the Republican party, cannot afford to be associated with an organization that arrogantly seeks to manipulate African American and Latino voters, particularly when the Republican Party is working hard to promote our message of economic opportunity and individual liberty among these communities. Crude identity politics has no place in today’s conservative movement."
FULL: NOM's Racial Politics Leave A Bitter Taste [Communities @ Washington Times]

Cooper goes on to label NOM a "cancer that needs to be removed for the good of the conservative movement," as well as call on the GOP presidential candidates to repudiate the NOM pledge that all of them (sans Ron Paul) so proudly signed.

Though as hinted at in the headline, GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has personally donated (via his PAC) to NOM. Plus Rick Santorum, the party's current number two guy, is a longtime NOM friend who is actually named in the very same documents on which Cooper is basing his reaction.

So like so many things involving gays and conservatives, this would seem to be another principled call that is, unfortunately, marked by cold, uncomfortable realities at every turn. It's one thing to call on an "evolving," generally supportive president and party to reject a group like NOM and take the next step towards full equality for LGBT Americans. Asking a markedly NOM-entrenched slate of candidates to denounce a group that they have a major hand in legitimizing would seem to be a much tougher ask.

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