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NOM acts unfazed by 'Times' editorial; won't win the Tony

by Jeremy Hooper

In reaction to the NOM scandal that won't (because it shouldn't) die, The New York Times editorial team issued a stinging rebuke of NOM's "poisonous political approach." This is NOM's response, in full:

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 At 1.22.07 Pm

Am I surprised? Yeah, kinda. This "culture war" stuff can be clunky, particularly when it comes to strategy. I've been trying for years to connect these dots, both independently an in tandem with national groups. So while delighted, I'm still in a bit of a state of shock that this now-week-old story that I had a role in bringing to the public (via HRC's NOM Exposed project) is [a] still firmly in the news cycle, and [b] worthy of a blistering editorial from the nation's most respected newspaper.

And you all are surprised too, NOM folks. You all don't have to admit it -- your past week's words and actions have said enough.

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