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Peter 'I'd prefer to export homosexuals' Sprigg defends Amendment 1

by Jeremy Hooper

It's pretty ridiculous to find Peter Sprigg "refuting" David Blankehorn's and Elizabeth Marquardt's shared view that the North Carolina marriage ban is too extreme, considering that Mr. Sprigg is one of the most extreme "culture war" voices working today. He is, after all, the man who has admitted that he'd prefer to export homosexual from the United States as well as directly called for criminal sanctions on "gay behavior." (See Sprigg's GLAAD CAP profile for more).

But that is exactly what's happening over on NewsObserver.com, where Sprigg has a weak commentary on why discriminating against Tar Heel State gays is a good idea. Go read and interact:

Peter Sprigg: Marriage protection [NewsObserver.com]

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