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Slash and burn: Ever-bellicose NOM rakes NY Senators over fiery coals

by Jeremy Hooper

The (Washington D.C-based) National Organization For Marriage has a new way of showing disapproval of the four New York Senate Republicans who voted in favor of marriage equality. A slightly hellish way:

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 At 1.20.29 Pm

I guess you could "turn up the heat." Or you could, I don't know—just vote. Ideally on a whole host of issues (like fire prevention, for instance) and not just one civil matter.

I would tell NOM staffers that if they can't take the heat, they can always get out of the kitchen. Then I remember: NONE OF THEM LIVE HERE IN NY AS IT IS! They can't even see the kitchen from their K Street offices, much less feel the warmth!

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