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Video: Tony the Teflon tiger gets another mainstream media pass

by Jeremy Hooper

Liberty University is one of the single most anti-LGBT institutions in the United States. Just look at the kind of things that its Associate Deans tweets out to the public.

Tony Perkins (a Liberty grad) is one of the single most anti-LGBT figures in the United States. Rarely a day goes by that the Family Research Council president doesn't use one of his outlets to knock LGBT people. His latest crusade has been geared towards linking the thoroughly heterosexual Secret Service scandal to homosexuality in general (which he decries as "promiscuous," "unnatural," "immoral," "inappropriate," "unhealthy," and "destructive") and Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal in particular ("systematically destroys the moral foundations of our military").

This combo creates the PERFECT scenario for a news anchor to talk to Tony about the topic that most readily greets his lips. Yet instead, CNN anchor Carol Costello gives Tony a total pass on this wholly pertinent subject, letting the man who recently accused gays of wanting to "spread their perversion or promote it," talk about how—and get ready to gag on this one—respectful both he and Liberty University are towards others. Watch:

Seriously, what kind of dirt does this man have on America's cable news outlets?! All we are asking is that they start talking to him about a timely topic HE LOVES TO TALK ABOUT and that deeply affects millions of viewers! It's not just annoying that the MSM ignores what Tony hands them on a silver platter. At this point, it's journalistically negligent (especially on a subject like Liberty University).

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