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Dan Savage is 'the gay Fred Phelps', says Matt Barber as sourced by Matt Barber

by Jeremy Hooper

If one searches the phrase "the gay fred phelps," one gets a Google page filled with one thing and one thing only. Namely: a page filled solely with Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber trying to make this ridiculous label become some sort of meme (and others' responding to it):

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 At 11.21.54 Am
MORE: "the gay Fred Phelps" [Google search]

But that's good enough for Matt to say that this label is a sweeping brand that Christians monolithically use against the It Gets Better project founder:

Dan Savage is known in Christian circles at “the gay Fred Phelps.” Phelps, of course, is the similarly cartoonish Westboro Baptist “preacher” who gained notoriety by protesting military funerals with his incestuous brood of pseudo-Christian haters. Savage is Phelps’ photo negative. Whereas Phelps’ hateful mantra is “God hates fags,” Savage’s central message is “I hate God and anyone who loves Him.” [WND]

Riiiiight, Matt. You, the man who is almost exclusively known for animus against LGBT people, get to characterize "Christian circles" and their labeling practices. Guess that's similar to how you like to push "ex-gay" nonsense and claim that it represents "science."

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