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'Gays are awful, their kisses are missiles, Earth is doomed', gleans alien who just landed in a conservative newsroom

by Jeremy Hooper

Columnist Larry Klayman, writing for the oh-so-austere WorldNetDaily:

…[W]hile France itself also is debating the legalization of “gay marriage” under its newly elected socialist president, our own socialist president used this week to endorse homosexual nuptials. If there is any humor to this – which there is not – one could ask, “What’s a guy to do if he is married to Michelle?” But sadly, the ramifications of this are great! The moral underpinnings of our nation and the West have already been considerably weakened. Now, with the onslaught of gay and lesbian culture, are we destined for the same fate as ancient Greece and Rome – where the only way to separate the men from the boys came to be with a crowbar? Not a good sign for the continuity of Western civilization.
The world is not 'tres gay' [WND]

So the President is a socialist, Michelle is somehow an undesirable spouse, same-sex commitments threaten our underpinnings, and this whole push for the greater respect and acceptance of love threatens to destroy Western Civilization. Have I missed anything? Any subtle nuance I'm overlooking?

No word on why Mr. Klayman thinks Massachusetts has been spared of these awful ramifications in the past eight years. Guess God must be a Red Sox fan.

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