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Jimmy LaSalvia: From Goldwater to Cold face-slaps

by Jeremy Hooper

GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia:

The father of the modern conservative movement, former US Senator Barry Goldwater, once said of Jerry Falwell that he needed a kick in the ass. With his speech at Falwell’s Liberty University, it is clear that Governor Romney’s message to Goldwater conservatives is: drop dead. [snip] If Romney expects to be the candidate who can beat Obama in November then he needs to embrace a strategy that makes victory possible – falling into the culture war trap laid by Obama is a guaranteed electoral loser."
Advocate (via Joe.My.God.)

I would add that *any* GOP nominee is going to have to get the nasty anti-LGBT stuff out of the party's platform, as well as answer for all of the rights-hostile votes that Republican lawmakers have directed at things like DADT repeal, hate crimes legislation, and maintaining the deeply discriminatory DOMA. But I do applaud Jimmy for noting the uber-obvious extremism that comes with a Liberty University speech.

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