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'Marriage is a religious belief' misstates man who is duty-bound to bear better witness than that

by Jeremy Hooper

It's astounding, the frequency and fervency with which folks on the other side continue to make claims like this:

“Marriage is a religious belief,” [Father Andrew Kemberling] told CitizenLink before the rally began. “People talk about it like it’s a social convention you can just hand out to anyone you want. It’s not. We will dilute what marriage is meant to be (if we pass laws creating civil unions or same-sex marriage). Marriage is an idea from God, and He gave it to us as a truth to be protected.”
Coloradans Celebrate Marriage at Rally [Citizenlink]

Marriage is not a religious belief for everyone. Nor is religious a requirement in anyone's civil marriage, even now. The religious ceremony is always optional, while the state licensing is required of any couple who seeks legal recognition. This is not up for debate. This is not a matter of opinion. This is fact. This is law. This is reality.

After President Obama made his views on civil marriage known (while still fully respecting religious freedom), a number of the professional voices on the other side were all like, "Finally, he's being honest." Well, I say back to those same critics: "Your turn!" Because right now, far too many of them are either having or encouraging a completely different conversation than the rest of us!

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