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Family Equality Council is 'anti-Christian' claims FRC (Fact-Reckless Conservatives)

by Jeremy Hooper

The Family Equality Council is dedicated to fair adoption practice for all qualified couples regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/express. This of course includes people of faith, who fit within the LGBT spectrum, and to all kinds of faith groups who are either affirmative of LGBT realities or who simply understand the limits and/or perils of inscribing faith condemnation into public policy.

But the ever-fallacious Family Research Council cares not. Since a small handful of faith groups (Catholic, primarily) have decided they cannot comply with the nondiscrimination requirements that they must follow if they want to continue receiving generous state support and have instead made the choice to shut down their adoption services in total, the Family Research Council is pinning that choice on FEC, acting as if supporting LGBT families means hating God:

Screen Shot 2012-06-08 At 1.49.49 Pm

An evangelical special interest group accusing a corporation of acting anti-Christian for taking a positive stand for equal civil rights. There are layers of hypocrisy and ridiculousness there that I really don't feel like unpacking.

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