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The animus attached to MN For Marriage: A continued examination

by Jeremy Hooper

First the reminder: Minnesota Family Council is a named coalition partner of Minnesota For Marriage:

Screen Shot 2012-06-27 At 6.43.36 Pm

Next the claims:

'Minnesota for Marriage would never advocate for anybody being put to death,' [Minnesota for Marriage Deputy Communications Director Andy Parrish] said. 'We strongly believe that anybody is entitled to love whomever they want to love. We don't have a position on that. We just have a position on whether marriage in Minnesota should be redefined.'." [Minn Post]

“There’s always somebody in this game that wants to inflict or inject a hateful, divisive message, and that’s what happened here,” [Minnesota for Marriage Communications Director Chuck Darrell] said. “We’ve been running our message for over a year now, and it’s been a very pro-family, pro-children, pro-marriage message, and promoting respectful discussion." [Talking Points Memo]

Now the truth. All of this stuff comes from the Minnesota Family Council:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.05 Pm
Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.27 Pm
Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.46 Pm
Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.10.03 Pm
Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.10.23 Pm
The documents the Minnesota Family Council doesn't want you to see [G-A-Y]

"[Lincoln's] principled approach to persuasion in the great
moral issue of his day, slavery, points to the need to approach
homosexual marriage with a principle-based response
"How we respond in the media needs to
be done from a principled perspective
just as Abraham Lincoln did with the slavery issue. If
we do, truth will ultimately carry the day

SOURCE: Minnesota Family Minute [MFC]


Clip 1: Barb suggests that "a lot" of gay teens have been sexually abused, which is why they are "sexually confused" and in need of "change":

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 2: People are not tolerant if they reject the complete and utter anti-science known as the "ex-gay" movement:

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 3: Young people are primarily supporting equality for their LGBT friends just because it's trendy, without realizing they are getting on a "train that is leading down a track that is going to be very harmful to them and their friends":

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 4: Even Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal (aka "government sanctioned homosexuality in the military") is off the table:

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 5: And again with the "ex-gay" movement: Barb admits to trying to push that into schools in the name of "equal time":

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 6: And then there's this outright lie about the supposedly innate public health hazards of homosexuality, which even trumps Paul Cameron's resoundingly discredited "research":

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

Clip 7: Now let's close out with this, Peter and Barb's scoffing at the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate groups list, with Barb going so far as to call it a "badge of honor":

SOURCE: AFTAH Interview with Barb Anderson [Americans For Truth]

I would agree that youth who embrace homosexuality are at greater risk, because they've embraced an unhealthy sexual identity and lifestyle. These alternative sexual identifications or lifestyles deny the reality that we are created male and female. To live or try to live in conflict with how we are made will invariably cause problems, e.g. emotional, psychological and social. Notwithstanding gay activist assertions to the contrary, people aren't gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. by God's design or nature. We are male and female with sexual expression designed for a lifelong union between a man and a woman. Denying or fighting against this reality is the reason alternative forms of sexual expression, whether homosexual or heterosexual, will put people at greater risk. To assert otherwise is to deny reality and involves "kicking against the goad" to use a biblical analogy.
Gay activists manipulate suicide tragedy for ideological purposes. [Minn. Family Council]


*SEE ALSO: What I just uncovered this week, which MN For Marriage is pushing directly on its website: You *will not* believe Minnesota For Marriage's extreme rhetoric!!!! [G-A-Y]

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