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You *will not* believe Minnesota For Marriage's extreme rhetoric!!!!

by Jeremy Hooper

First let's start with the claims. All of these unbelievably offensive religious condemnations come from the sermons posted to a new site called MNPastorsForMarriage.com:

Homosexual behavior and Pedophilia are two very destructive immoral forces in Western civilization. It is one thing for homosexuals to practice their deviant behavior contrary to God’s design, but it was not that long ago that it seemed unimaginable that there would be a promotion of the Homosexual lifestyle within our state-directed education system. Growing up into adolescence is a complicated enough process under normal circumstances, as young men and women pass through puberty into adulthood. But when it is suggested that perhaps students may be Homosexual in orientation, and that they should experiment with a Homosexual behavior in the same way that Heterosexuals experiment, and all this is further encouraged by the availability of condoms, it is no wonder that we have a proliferation of personality disorders as well as sexually transmitted diseases. The Bible makes it very clear that sex outside of marriage, (fornication), sexual unfaithfulness between married persons (adultery), and homosexual behaviors are destructive to our human dignity, our relationships, our personalities, our society, and above all, destructive to our relationship with God Himself. [SOURCE]

My point here is simply this: to call homosexual or lesbian relationships marriage, or to treat them as marriage, is to treat an abomination as marriage. And that is the exact opposite of holding marriage in honor and keeping the marriage bed undefiled. So the first way to honor marriage in our day is not to confuse it with the abomination of homosexual or lesbian partnerships. [

God's judgment on homosexual and lesbian relationships is not because he is a killjoy, but because he is opposed to what kills joy. And our opposition to such partnerships is not because of some knee-jerk homophobia, as they say again and again, but because of a settled and reasonable conviction that God knows better than anybody what is good for us and for society. [

Hear me clearly: Any and all sexual sin outside of the marriage covenant relationship is a deceptive perversion of the divine pattern, but for the purposes of this message I want to focus on one sin in particular: homosexuality. The Word of God, which does not err, is abundantly clear.
Again, why is homosexuality a sin? Because it is open rebellion against the divine pattern, the created order of God.

Homosexuality is a deceptive perversion. [

Homosexuals claim: "We were born this way; it is in our genes; God made us gay." They cite "gay gene" studies predominantly conducted by researchers who are homosexuals - studies that have been repudiated by credible research.10 Yet these same biased and discredited studies have been widely publicized by the liberal media as true and factual. They essentially practice Joseph Goebel's Nazi philosophy of propaganda, which is basically this: tell a lie long enough and loud enough and eventually most mindless people will believe it.

Listen: God did not make anyone homosexual. The Bible declares that the definitive problem is ours. [

One of the most important things we can do as believers is to proclaim the Good News. It is ironic that those who are in the homosexual lifestyle struggle with all their might to achieve freedom from the so-called shackles of biblical morality and traditional institutions, and yet Jesus tells us that those who commit sin are “slaves to sin” (John 8:34). In trying to find freedom, they find themselves as slaves. [

So let us live and preach that message of the transforming power of the love of God in Christ Jesus! Let’s stand alongside these misguided and lost people trapped in Satan’s snare! Let’s love them out of that sinful and destructive lifestyle! Let’s lead them to Jesus who can set them free! For whom the Son sets free is free indeed! [

Therefore, Satan is obsessed in destroying marriage, the coming together, fitting together of the two complimentary halves of humanity – male and female, since they are on earth, a mirror, an image, of what is to be fulfilled at the end of this age.
And that is why we are in the battle we are in. It is not ultimately about earthly marriage, about our religious freedoms, our church’s, or even about the practice of homosexuality as such. It is about the desire of Satan to decimate the picture of God’s ultimate design for the Cosmos – the Grand Wedding of His Son to the Prepared Bride. [

So why should you care? Oh, well, if you care about church/state separation in the civil marriage debate than you should deeply care, since this MNPastorsForMarriage site (also accessible at MinnesotaPastorsForMarriage.com) is an *OFFICIAL* effort of the campaign trying to place a marriage amendment into the state's constitution:

(red arrow is mine)
[Minnesota For Marriage]

Yup, that's right—all of the stuff you just read (pedophilia connections, claims of change, "abomination" rhetoric, "Satan's snare," etc) is all DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the OFFICIAL (and NOM-connected) campaign that is hoping to alter the state's most precious governing document at the polls this fall. Minnesota For Marriage is using all of this deeply religious, intensely personal, wildly offensive sermonizing to bring out the "traditional marriage" vote.

Wake up, folks! It's getting scary out there. And they're getting pretty damn open about it.


***MAJOR UPDATE: Minnesota for Marriage: Gays should be "put to death" [G-A-Y]

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