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Oh look, Tony Perkins takes another cheap shot at LGBT people's human worth. It must be Tuesday.

by Jeremy Hooper
"It is clear with this Administration that family and babies take a back seat to exporting immorality."

—Words credited to Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on the subject of the Obama administration's use of "official U.S. resources to promote homosexuality"

Oh, Tony. The back seat? Really? Everyone knows that we dangerous and reckless gay rights supporters put the babies and families on the hood (net to Romney's dog), left to fend off the elements with only their naked flesh and cunning instinct to protect them. If we keep them in the back seat, they're all like "Are we at immorality yet? Are we at immorality yet? Are we at immorality yet?" And who needs that?

Also, Tony: Please find a new hobby.

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