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What Iowa businesses are supporting the NOM/ Family Leader/ Citizens United summit?

by Jeremy Hooper

Vander Haags Inc., a trucks and parts store based in Spencer, Iowa

Pizza Ranch, a chain of pie slingers across the midwest

Lauterbach Buick/GM, a Newton, IA, car dealer

Hixson & Brown Law, a personal injury firm in West Des Moines

Those are four of the local businesses who have coughed up anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to become a named (and linked) sponsor of the upcoming National Organization For Marriage/Citizens United/ActRight/Family Leader summit.

These businesses, just like a certain chicken chain, have every right to sponsor a conference being led by some of the most anti-LGBT organizations in the country and with an expressed purpose of rolling back equality in the state of Iowa. Let me say it again so that the self-victimizing "free speech" liars will hear: THESE. BUSINESSES. HAVE. EVERY. RIGHT. TO. MAKE. THIS. SPONSORSHIP.

Those of us who are visiting Iowa while gay or pro-fairness? We have every right to avoid doing business with them and to scrutinize the choice.


**Check out one of the other summit speakers: NOM, ActRight become *even more* extreme; meet Dr. Laurence White [G-A-Y]

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