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NOM's cultural director wants you to be more tolerant of drug dealing–, pedophilia–, incest–linking video

by Jeremy Hooper

You know that new NOM video where marriage equality, drug dealing, incest, and pedophilia are deliberately lumped together as societal negatives? Yeah, well—NOM's cultural director and blogger, Thomas Peters, can't believe people aren't more "tolerant" of it:

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 At 9.12.50 Am

First, I must note how this comment is so true to the form of NOM in general and Thomas in particular. In reality, the 537 comments (as of this writing) on the majority-disliked video are as wide ranging as one would expect. But that truth doesn't fit the NOM script, of course, so the collective body of pro-equality comments are summed up as being "hateful." It's the same lame "victim" game they always play. People are as sick of it as they are increasingly able to see right through it.

But even for those comments that do get more heated—sure, they might not be my personal style of engagement. But does Thomas seriously not understand why this thing gets so darn personal for so many? He is a grown adult who makes his living fighting against the fair, decent, and equal treatment of certain kinds of taxpayers. He collects a paycheck by telling Americans that his personal, deeply held Catholic beliefs (Thomas' father is a major player within the Catholic establishment) should trump equitable civil policy. As marriage equality progresses, Thomas and his NOM cohorts get even more overheated, vowing to divide certain kinds of Americans, increasingly advocating for gays to become celibate, declaring intent to "sideswipe" a President before he's even had a chance to warm the Oval Office, and more. In the case of the video on which Thomas placed this comment, NOM is hoping to link true societal ills with marriages like mine. And it's nothing new. We've seen Brian Brown himself (in a piece that very well might have been ghostwritten by Thomas) try to connect gay rights with pedophilia. We living, breathing gay humans and our allies get mad because this stuff is getting REALLY BAD and EXTREMELY PERSONAL.

More tolerant, Thomas? Right, well here's the thing. I happen to know that you are engaged to be married. Congrats! Seriously. Mazel Tov! The year leading up to marriage is such an exciting time that should be experienced in full. I know this. I've been there.

As a gift to you, Thomas, I will make you this promise: I will not devote even one scintilla of my Screen Shot 2012-10-16 At 9.52.51 Amallotted energy bank toward standing in your way. I will not work to stop you from obtaining the civil license that is required of all Americans seeking state and federal recognition of their marriages, nor will I work in any way to prevent the optional religious ceremony that I assume you will employ. I will not cultivate any animus toward you or your intended. I won't workshop phrases that might help me rally some votes against you or your family, and I won't lobby to make your adoption rights more limited, should Peterscourageyou go that route when it's time to start a family. I won't try to tell people that you can "change" or should stifle your sexual orientation (see images at left). When it comes to this crucial life experience, Thomas, I will show you, your love, your rights, and your determined destiny nothing but tolerance. Acceptance, even. Heck—I'd even show you joy if I knew you personally. Wedding toasts are 6A00D8341C503453Ef014E8C098Ccb970Damong my many marketable skills.

But you do not show that to me or millions of other Americans, Thomas. Worse yet? You cultivate this lack of respect—filled with your man personal claims which trend toward the undeniably animus-laden—FOR A PAYCHECK. For a job. For a starter career that just might be more built around intolerance towards certain kinds of American citizens than just about any paid political opportunity to ever come before it.

So go ahead—write me off as "hateful" or a "troll" or whatever reductive label you think might work. Or get your buddy Michael Blissenbach to do it. Whatever—it rolls right off my back. But while you all are fashioning a script, deleting comments, and finding a way to polish the turd that is discrimination, I'll continue to think your job is reprehensible while still wishing the best for you, your rights, your protections, your intended bride, your slate of future opportunities, and your life in general. I'll continue to tolerate you while you rile up deep and dangerous tolerance toward me and (especially) growing versions of people like me.


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