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Video: Picking apart every second of NOM's 'March For Marriage' ad

by Jeremy Hooper

00:00–0:32: Canards and stock photos. I will not even dignify them.

00:32–0:41: "A small yet wealthy group"? Um, that's pretty ridiculous to say, considering all recent polling puts marriage equality at either near or above majority support and so many American companies have come out for fairness. We might be many things, NOM, but those of us who support marriage equality are not a small mob of unwashed bandits.

00:48–00:56: A few things about Massachusetts. (1) No, children are not being taught about "homosexual marriage" or any marriage, for that matter; (2) In the decade since marriage equality came to Massachusetts, even NOM can only find two sets of parents that have complained; (3) Any inclusive instruction that is being taught is the product of diversity and nondiscrimination, not marriage; (4) the father who was arrested—who, I should say, has admitted to me that his views go beyond marriage—was, according to those on site, arrested because he was causing a scene and trying to get himself taken in and not simply because he had complaints; (5) Nice job, NOM, including those images from the website of MassResistance, one of the most exceedingly hostile groups working in any state.

00:56–1:05: No, Catholic Charities have not been forced to close—CATHOLIC CHARITIES HAVE CHOSEN TO CLOSE. The church leadership wants to both accept subsidies and discriminate; the state says this is untenable. The Catholic Charities in these states have made these decisions themselves, often against the will (/at the disgust) of their own staff and support base.
(**Also, side point: The parents NOM shows in the background are known "pro-family" activists. The mom, Tammy Schulz, worked with Focus on the Family on a wholly separate anti-LGBT matter).

1:06–1:16: These Vermont innkeepers were fined because they wanted—again, by their own volition—to violate nondiscrimination laws that predate marriage equality itself. Again, this really had nothing to do with marriage—marriage is just the visible event in question. If this were a lesbian couple wanting to have a birthday party and were denied because of their sexual orientation, the situation would be the same. Business owners cannot just wantonly flout nondiscrimination laws. I sincerely hope this is not the society NOM really wants to cultivate.

1:16–1:25: The pro-equality campaign in Maryland came out quickly and strongly and said that this Gallaudet University professor should not have been penalized. This one university made its own choice to investigate the matter. They did and then determined that Ms. McCaskill should be reinstated. You cannot pin this on the pro-equality movement!

1:27–1:42: Well again, few of these situations actually hinge of marriage. They are about nondiscrimination. If anyone wants to discriminate, then he or she might face questions, penalties, or tough decisions. We do not have the right to discriminate. Period.

1:43–1:52: Cenk Uygur hasn't worked for MSNBC in almost two years. Update your references, NOM. Surely Maddow has said some things you can clip and reduce.

1:53–2:08: You know, NOM, just because you all say something doesn't make it so. There is no reliable and consistent polling that suggests national support for the NOM position is at 60%. Gallup's most recent poll puts marriage equality support at 53%.

2:15–2:16: NOM is a GOP group, regardless of how many Democrats they recruit. Democrats who support NOM should know they are doing so against their own interests.

2:16–2:18: NOM might reach out to "all races and creeds," but let's not forget their vow to "drive a wedge between blacks and gays." Sure, NOM will welcome anyone, so long as they can turn them against gay people, "provoke" us into responding, and "fan the hostilities."

2:18–3:01: The song playing in the background is "Lost and Found" by Katie Herzig. From best I can tell, Katie is actually a supporter of our position, not NOM's. I've written for confirmation.

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