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Conservative writer attacks MSNBC host (and child) in one of the most mean-spirited pieces you will ever read

by Jeremy Hooper

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American Thinker writer Jeannie DeAngelis is presumably fine with any of the countless occasions where social conservatives use children to foster their cause, be it in ads (see countless anti–marriage equality spots), public appearances (see the current Boy Scouts campaigning), or rhetoric (see the constant "protect the children" talking points). But when a progressive parent proudly raises her child to respect all marriages, Ms. DeAngelis has no problem subjecting said progressive to attacks on her character, her family values, her parental choices, or even the contents of her womb. In fact, in Ms DeAngelis' mind, MSNBC host "Krystal 'Screw' Ball" has committed an atrocity on par with "cajoling stories of sexual abuse from impressionable children that say exactly what overzealous investigators want to hear."

Here's a snip and link to full:

An example of an adult teasing out a desired response from a child was displayed when the liberal host of MSNBC's The Cycle, Krystal 'Screw' Ball, showed up on the "Political 1-3 Playground" with her daughter Ella in tow.
Five-year-old Ella is the first of Ball's children to survive the womb. Due to be born this summer is a second possible survivor rumored to be a son.

Ball has paraded Ella on "Political Playground" before. On those segments, Krystal goaded her daughter into praising Barack Obama and lamenting Mitt Romney for threatening to ax Big Bird.

Krystal recently hosted the adorable Ella again. This time, Mom proceeded to masterfully extract from the little girl the answer she needed to reinforce a pro-gay marriage stance. In response to Krystal's successful endeavor, the question is this: Is Ms. Ball's point that if a child says it, it must be true -- or that grownups who don't think like kindergarteners should be ashamed of themselves?

In a liberal's mind that may be how they see things, but in the mind of a sane person it's clear that children have vivid imaginations, a natural propensity to tell lies and exaggerate, and above all a tendency to parrot what they hear parents saying.

Nonetheless, just short of dangling a lollipop in front of Ella, Krystal Ball began the manipulative segment by asking the little girl, "What is marriage?" Ella, who later in the interview confidently expounded upon New York state marriage law, initially seemed unable to answer the question. Eventually, Mom coached Ella to say that marriage means people live together. At one point, little Ball clarified that people marry people, not cars or trees (at least not yet).

Krystal probed further with the 'marry a person' question, asking, "A person... what kind of person?" Ella, exhibiting traces of latent homophobic tendencies, with unabashed gender specificity, said, "Like a wife or a husband." Krystal then asked, "What makes a person decide that they want to get married?" Ella replied uncertainly, "They get in love with each other?"

Sounding like an interviewer at a bogus daycare sexual abuse trial, Ms. Ball revealed her extreme values when she asked her daughter, "What if you were in love with a girl, could you marry a girl?" Much to her mother's delight, Ella said that if she chose to marry a girl, and not a little boy named Eli, she could only do so in New York.

Fidgety Ella explained: "Yes, because girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys in New York." Then, appearing to be a little awkward, the tyke explained that sometimes the extraordinary does happen in New York -- a girl actually marries a boy.

Ball quickly reacted with, "And that's good because you want people to marry who they're in love with, right?" Ella, the girl who couldn't explain marriage two minutes before, responded "Yeah!" Take that, you loveless homophobes! It's all about love!

No it's not! In an effort to cheaply bolster the same-sex marriage argument, it's about exploiting a child's suggestibility and eagerness to please, and doing so is as despicable as cajoling stories of sexual abuse from impressionable children that say exactly what overzealous investigators want to hear.

And the provocation didn't stop there -- lesbian marriage promoter Krystal Ball continued to corrupt little Ella by posing yet another leading question: "How come in other places a girl can't marry a girl... that seems strange, right?"

No, 'Screw' Ball, that's not strange. What's strange is a political hack using her kindergarten-aged daughter to communicate the message that disagreeing with same-sex marriage is "strange." What's next -- a pro-choice segment where a pregnant Krystal Ball explains to a terrified Ella that before she was born she could have killed her, but chose not to?
Homosexual Marriage Advocate Takes Things to a New Low [American Thinker]

Commentators in glass houses shouldn't throw "new low"-laden stones.

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