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Peter LaBarbera's useful role: Pulling mask off his movement's 'nice' talk

by Jeremy Hooper

When talking about the issue, the pragmatic politicos who are desperately trying to hold ground in a marriage equality fight that they are so quickly (and obviously) losing make considerable strides to deny that homo hostility is driving their advocacy. That's because this movement long ago realized that admitting a desire to discriminate was a surefire way to lose. This is why, for the past decade or so, we've been subjected to so much "protect marriage" chatter. The whole charade has been about pretending the anti-gay/pro-discrimination cause is really a "pro-family" one.

Enter Peter LaBarbera. While once a part of the more mainstream wing, Peter is no longer beholden to the same interests as is a NOM or a Family Research Council—and in some cases, Peter and his pals have been pointedly shut out of certain fights—so Peter feels less responsibility to speak like a mainstream pundit. Instead, Peter routinely and reliably calls out his own team. Peter makes it clear that the other side does (and should) have an openly anti-gay message at its centerpiece:

Rarely have I read something as ridiculous as William May’s comment that the national debate over same-sex “marriage” is “not about homosexuality at all.” The ONLY reason we are radically redefining marriage is the aggressive (and successful) advocacy of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) movement — aided increasingly by sympathetic liberals and libertarians (and activist judges). It is not only disingenuous to assert otherwise — it is simply untrue. Do you want to know why we are losing this debate? Because people like May, perhaps well-meaning, are riddled with guilt for doing the right thing. Homosexual activists (uh-oh, I uttered the “H-word”) selfishly aim to redefine “marriage” for their MAIN purpose: winning (even forcing via the State) approval of their aberrant lifestyle.

I can think of no other cultural debate in which such obvious truths are so often denied out of a politically correct fear of being labeled a bigot. (And we all know the most virulent bigots are anti-Christian homosexual activists.) Get over it. We don’t hate people but we oppose homosexual conduct as immoral, unhealthy, unnatural and –the best news of all, as proved by the existence of many ex-”gays” — changeable. (I know dozens of former homosexuals.) Funny how those who are on the side of attaching the noble institution of marriage to a sin — see the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality — do not shy away from asserting that this is all about GAY rights.

PS. Faithful and compassionate Christians must NEVER encourage or sanction homosexual relationships, which are — another hard truth here — essentially the domestication of disordered and sinful behavior, hence destructive to the souls of those involved. – Peter LaBarbera, 9-6-13
LaBarbera Responds to Bill May’s Claim in Mercator Interview that ‘Gay Marriage’ Debate Is ‘Not About Homosexuality at All’ [AFTAH]

While his vitriol is misguided, his overall message is kind of right. For nine years now I've been showing you how, if you pull the thread long enough (and usually you don't have to pull for long), you can always find crystal clear rhetoric and actions that connect all of the leading groups and spokespeople to anti-LGBT animus. Every campaign that has been ever waged against us is driven by an agenda that extends far beyond our ring fingers, and every person who goes on cable TV to oppose us has a profile that has, at the very least, flirted with the idea that gay people can and should be "changed" (or at least rendered celibate).

One of my personal goals here at G-A-Y has been to force the opposition movement to own its shit. On this limited point, LaBarbera and I are not so far removed. Bless him.

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